…you see


This summer let your eyes travel to the endless blue of the Olympic Earth. In its seas, rivers and lakes. Enjoy the greenery in its lush mountains. Admire the natural beauty, which cannot be described in words. Feel awe crossing the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, as if you are flying over the sea directly into the embrace of the serene, dreamy lagoon of Messolonghi and the green and imposing Nafpaktos. And another, different kind of awe, facing the Hermes of Praxiteles in the museum of Ancient Olympia, the place where the ideal of sport and rivalry was born. Gaze at the incomparable natural beauty in the picturesque villages of Mountainous Nafpaktia and the incredible landscape changes with the verdant slopes, the abundant waters and the fairytale villages of Mountain Achaia. Discover the beneficial coolness of the waterfalls of Neda and Lake Kaiafa. Visit the picturesque Andritsaina and the Temple of Epicurean Apollo in Vasses, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a tour of the urban paths of Patras, Pyrgos and Agrinio, where history meets the modern way of life. Gaze at the sea from the endless golden coastline of Ilia, the stunning beaches of Achaia and the lacy shores of Etoloakarnania. But, above all, keep forever within you every moment you spent gazing at the epic sunsets of the Olympic Earth.


…you hear

Enjoy the rustling of the leaves and the rippling of the waters. Listen to the rare birds in the wetlands. The music of the people, traditional, through the centuries. And above all, an epic, sacred silence at the moment when the High Priestess lights the flame at Olympia.

…You smell

Enjoy the fragrances of nature and the aromas of fine foods. The charming aromas of wines, fruits, olives and olive oil.

…you taste

Taste the deliciousness itself: afrina – salt, white, bright and fine, from the Lagoon of Messolonghi. Olives from Ilia, grapes and raisins from Achaia and Ilia. Here you will understand the difference of the Amvrakikos grabber, you will fall in love with the Graviere of Amphilochia, you will “stick” with the strawberries of Ilia, you will feel the Mavrodaphne of Patras enchanting your moments. And, above all, you will always keep in your taste buds the unique sensation that the egg tartare of Messolonghi leaves.

…you touch

Climb and step on imposing castles in Patras, Kyllini, Vonitsa and ancient theatres of particular beauty in Oiniades and Elis. Touch the cannons of the Heroes in Messolonghi. Treat the nets of the fishermen in the Lagoon. Open the door of the Municipal Theatre “Apollo”, the architectural jewel of Patras, a miniature of the “Scala of Milan”. Let the sand run between your fingers in Lakopetra, Palairo and Zacharo. Reach out your hand and take strength by walking under the stone arch leading to the Stadium of Olympia.