Dive into my Greek summer…

…the blue and white of the islands, the golden beaches of the Aegean, the octopus with ouzo and the cool rustic salad by the sea, the wild parties and the idyllic sunsets, the picturesque little cafes in the freshly whitewashed alleys with the very common bougainvillea.


…in culture, in medieval castles, in Byzantine churches, in white marble and colourful canvases.

…in August Fifteenth, in whitewashed chapels and majestic churches, in summer festivals and celebrations with tradition as “hostess”.


This summer, we owe it to ourselves to travel, to reintroduce ourselves to Greek nature, to return to childhood memories.


No, the pandemic is not over yet, but this year, we know how we can, with a mask and distance, have fun and indulge in the magic of the Greek summer, after a long, hard “winter”.

Don’t forget that, as Manolis Famelos sings, “in the end all the underground tunnels lead to a bright summer”.