Divine routes by car …following the aces of speed

Full throttle, sharp turns and clouds of dust rising in the air from the dirt road surface as the WRC aces spin their cars in the now historic and this year’s anniversary EKO Acropolis Rally. Through unique routes that introduce travelers to the unparalleled natural beauty of the Greek countryside. Idyllic places, which “fit like a glove” in autumn car trips and nature trips. Whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast or not, get in the car and get going to discover unique destinations of Central Greece and while the first winners will finish in Lamia, there’s no need to rush. Hold on a little longer the moment when your eyes will be “lost” in the vastness of the sky and your mind will be “immersed” in the evergreen horizon…



Livadia – the hidden gem


First stop in Livadia, a painting of a painting, with its running waters, arched bridges, traditional watermill and century-old plane trees. The Springs of Krya, as the river that runs through the city is known, will keep you there for hours with the rushing roar of their waters as they fall from small waterfalls and their soft chanting as they roll gently towards the Boeotian Kifissos, sounding like music to your ears. Relax in the shade of the century-old trees that cool on its bed. Cross its stone bridges built centuries ago and walk along the river, observing its different formations. Somewhere there, you will come across the statue of Erkina, the water nymph who, according to legend, is the reason why we can enjoy this aquatic beauty. Make a stop in this natural park in the shadow of Mount Helicon, to taste delicious local delicacies in its traditional taverns and cafes.


What to see:
  • The Springs of Kryas or River Erkynas, which form the idyllic setting in the heart of the city. Legend has it that the river began to flow in this place when Erkina, a water nymph and friend of Persephone, in search of her goose, moved one of the rocks that held back the waters.
  • The Museum of Old Trades. In a neoclassical building in the vicinity of the Krya Springs, the memories of lost trades are well preserved.
  • The Medieval Castle of Livadia. Built by Catalans in the 15th century AD, the castle, “drowned” in greenery, “dominates” the southern end of the city.


What to taste:
  • But of course the famous souvlaki as well as lamb on the spit, kokoretsi, kontosouvli, handmade pies and local wines.


What to do:
  • Ascent to the chapel of Jerusalem. Built on steep cliffs after the Kryas Springs. Climb the 700 steps to admire not only the human tenacity but also the spectacular view of the plain.
  • Hiking in the forests of Elikonas. The mountain with its fir and oak trees invites you to walk along it and discover its picturesque villages.


The Castle of Livadia at the southern end of the city



From the chapel of Jerusalem admire the beautiful view



The Springs of Krya or the River Erkynas


As you say goodbye to Livadia and head north towards the fairytale village of Pavliani, it is worth passing through Elatia. In about half an hour or so you will arrive in the mountainous town with its tiled houses and lush vegetation. Visit the archaeological museum with its important findings and “stretch your legs” by walking in the beautiful nature, breathing the oxygen that “descends” along with the cool autumn breeze from Parnassos and Kallidromos.


The EKO Acropolis Rally will pass through Elatia, one of the five special stages


Pavliani – like a fairy tale..


“I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up.” This fairytale place will make you sigh in ecstasy at the beauty and vibrant colours of the landscape. Enjoy the view from a bench with the meaning of the message written on it in mind. Throw away your worries as you plunge deeper and deeper into the impressive park at the springs of Asopos and become a kid again. Jump over small streams, walk on suspension bridges full of colours, paintings and melodies. Swing over the running water and discover amazing games there in the heart of the forest. Small chapels, stone-built houses and a “flokati” of brownish-yellow leaves framed by green touches of low vegetation unfold before you. Water flowing between rocks and tall trees, forming small waterfalls as they run to be released into a larger embrace. Every step and a pleasant surprise for you, your friends or your children. Complete the dream with Roumeli delicacies in the taverns of the village. And when the time comes to part with it, don’t say “goodbye” but “goodbye”.


What to see:
  • Pavliani Park. The fairytale natural park that the village teacher and her students “decorated” with drawings, games and other things.
  • Church of St. Athanasius in Ano Pavliani.


What to taste:
  • Cooked food in the taverns of the area made with pure local ingredients and lots of love.


What to do:
  • Hike to the “Throne of Zeus”. An impressive throne awaits you to take the most majestic photos of your life.


Pauline. “flocculent” of brownish yellow leaves


In the forest of Pavliani you will swing over the running waters


Bridge in the forest of Pavliani


The finish time has arrived and you, full of beautiful memories and experiences, are heading to Lamia for a relaxing stroll around the city and climbing up to the castle to enjoy the panoramic view and for one more photo for your autumn holiday album!


The Castle of Lamia