IKEA takes us to the bottom of the ocean!

New collection for kids and teens straight from the ocean


, a company of theFOURLIS Group , has designed the new BLÅVINGAD collection to inspire interest in life in the ocean – home to hundreds of creatures. The collection is based on IKEA’s belief that toys are essential for a better daily life at home. Young children learn through play to express themselves and discover things, while adults find the opportunity to connect with children through creative and fun learning.



The idea behind this collection is based on the results of surveys conducted at the IKEA Kids Advisory Panel in 2020, where we learned that children are very concerned about ocean pollution and the health and safety of marine animals. Plastic litter in the oceans and consumed by marine animals can lead to their premature extinction. So, the new collection was created that is fun and takes some small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle while raising awareness.



The new BLÅVINGAD range contains stuffed toys in the shape of marine animals such as octopus, dolphins and whales, made from recycled polyester, some of which is made from plastic collected from the coast. Combined with the series’ duvet covers depicting sea animals and the turtle-shaped LED lamp, they create beautiful and peaceful moments in their space. The marine backdrop in the bedroom can be complemented by the bed tent designed to fit over the KURA bed.



The new collection encourages children to get creative either by drawing on the collection’s roll of drawing paper or with the dough cookie cutters with which they can make their own sea animals. Board games with fishing rods help children learn how to keep the seas and oceans clean. For your kids’ sea trips, the backpacks fit all the essentials, especially the cotton towel with shark hood that turns bath and playtime into an adventure.

Discover more cushions, rugs and storage items with images of the ocean floor in IKEA stores or at IKEA.gr.