Nostalgic Gastronomy of Greece

Greece did not magically acquire a reputation as a gastronomic destination. It has managed to do this by building, through the years of its culture and history, combined with its rich mountain and sea climate, a nostalgic gastronomic heritage that is enviable on a global level.

It is a country that has managed to marry gastronomic memories that run from ancient Greece, Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire and until today through raw materials, recipes and techniques that have left their mark on our palate.


Nostalgic gastronomy describes the joy of enjoying fine food, represents the generations that grew up in the warmth of Greek cuisine and highlights the places and people who continue to lovingly support this cultural heritage.

It is now perhaps the strongest link between a person and his place.

Growing up in a Greek kitchen, you learn what deliciousness means in the English umami, how to unfold the full flavor profile of a local and non-local raw material, with respect to its uniqueness. This perception of food has no boundaries and

is applied to each recipe with the identity of the person performing it!

“29 Superb Burgers and Buns” started five years ago to do just that, a marriage in this particular project of an American landmark with the deliciousness and technique that characterizes a Greek cuisine.

“Love at first bite”

was something everyone agreed on after the first bite of a “29” burger.


All recipes are designed with emphasis on the uniqueness of the raw material so that they can deliver in taste, aroma, texture and appearance, the necessary ingredients to create a tasty memory!

When the kitchen opened in 2017, it was the first burger shop to offer pure smashed burgers on freshly baked potato buns, made by us.

In the kitchen of “29” we showcase a recognized American product through Mediterranean flavors and influences. It is a work in progress that wants love in the first bite, a timeless value.