Epirus is characterised by mountainous massifs and picturesque lakes.

On the wine map, the vineyard of Epirus with 1.1% is in 8th place among the nine wine regions in terms of vineyard area.

The route of the wines of Epirus refers to Zitsa and Metsovo with the wineries Zoinos S.A., Ktima Glinavos, Katogi Averoff.

The varieties we meet are Debina with 7,500 acres, Vlachiko, Bekari, early Metsovo white and Mavroudi Tzoumerka, and so on.

Debina gives us dry wines with medium alcohol content, distinctive aroma, good acidity, but also semi-sparkling.

The types of PDO Zitsa wines are listed as:
– white dry quiet ones,
– white dry sparkling or semi-sparkling,
– white semi-dry semi-sparkling or sparkling.

Main wineries of the region

  • KATOGI AVEROV, where it all starts in 1950, when Evangelos Averoff plants the Cabernet Sauvignon variety in the area. In 1989 the company Katogi S.A. was founded, creating a winery with modern equipment and a cellar, producing excellent wines such as the Katogi, Inima, Rossiu di Munte series, etc.
  • Zoinos (formerly Zitsa). In 1954 the wine cooperative was founded by local winegrowers and in 2006 it was detached from the EAS Ioannina in order to offer us wines such as Mountain Routes, Zitsa classic, but also sparkling, semi-sparkling wines such as escape, Zitsa semi-sparkling, etc.
  • Glinavos. In 1960 it was started by Lefteris Glinavos and continued in 1990 by Thomas Glinavos, adding a modern distillery in 2004. With excellent houses such as Aspra Choma, Kokkinos Veloudo etc. in Premium, Apeiro Chora, Vineyards in classic but also Glinavos brut and demi sec, Anna Maria in sparkling and Kyra Frosini, Debina, etc. in semi-sparkling.

Antigone Karamvali