Seascape In A Garden …14 and 15 July 2023



Audiovisual installation and concert on Delos Island

14 & 15 July, 2023



On July 14 and 15, the unique archaeological site of Delos will host the audiovisual installation and performance Seascape in a Garden. 


The cultural organization Between the Seas and curator Aktina Stathaki invite Greek artist Katerina Karatzaferi, and Egyptian composer and musician Ahmed Saleh, to collaborate for the first time in a sound and visual art creation, inspired by their common ecological concerns and their heterogeneous cultural backgrounds.



Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the interplay of two different cultural narratives on the protection and dangers of the natural environment: the sculptural installation by Katerina Karatzaferi, inspired by the Japanese Komomaki sculptures of the 5th century and the Greek traditional art of weaving, converses with the live music performance by Ahmed Saleh, which draws on  his aural memories from  the port of his native Alexandria and the dystopian prophecy of the sinking of modern Alexandria, due to rising sea levels and climate change.


Set against the backdrop of Delos, a site of high historical and symbolic meaning and a cultural crossroads of the past, the multilayered composition of the two artists opens to new interpretations as it converses with archaeology, historical memory, nature and myth.

The installation will be accessible at all hours of the day, with its musical component repeating as a loop. The live performance will be presented two times, once each day, at 6:30 pm.


“Seascape in a Garden” is part of the programme “All of Greece One Culture 2023” of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Sculptural installation: Katerina Karatzaferi

Sound installation and music performance: Ahmed Saleh

Curator: Akhtina Stathaki

Production: Between the Seas: Mediterranean Performance Lab 

Production Assistant: Lydia Lampropoulou

Sound Supervisor: Lefteris Douros

Poster design: Nikos Kosmadakis

Publicity: Katerina P. Trichia


With the support of the Mykonos Arts Festival and the kind sponsorship of the Mykonos – Delos Ship Consortium.



Location: Archaeological site of Delos Island 

Dates: 14th and 15th of July, 2023

Hours: The visual and sound installation will operate throughout the day. The musical performance by Ahmed Saleh will start at 18.30 on both days of the event. 

Duration: 45 minutes.

Free entrance

Τickets to the archaeological site: 8€ – 4€

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