New IKEA “new generation” store at The Mall Athens

The FOURLIS Group innovates once again and changes the way of shopping in the furniture and home furnishing sector after 20 years of IKEA’s presence in Greece.


Today, December 17, the new IKEA “new generation” store opens its doors at The Mall Athens, bringing the new era of shopping to today. It combines innovation with convenience because it adapts a physical store to the e-commerce era.

The comfort and convenience of its spaces make the IKEA experience even more accessible in the heart of the city, both inside and out, in a 1,900 square foot space.

The new “new generation” IKEA store operates in the largest shopping center in Greece, The Mall Athens. It is one of the few stores internationally under this new concept and the third store that the Group operates after Sofia in Bulgaria and Piraeus in Greece.

At IKEA The Mall Athens, consumers have above all the opportunity to make targeted purchases. In this unique “journey” of shopping experience, comfort and innovation for the benefit of the consumer have the first word.

Inside the “new generation” store, customers can freely follow any route they want, in order to be served quickly and easily according to their needs. They can use their phone to scan items for purchase as they browse through the store.

Consumers can buy accessories and smaller furniture directly from a range of 1,300 ready-to-use products, which are transported in a blue IKEA bag. For larger furniture they can place their order for home delivery or free pickup from IKEA stores at the Airport and Kifissos. They can even browse the internet to see all the details about the products.

This project is part of the FOURLIS Group’s dynamic strategy for immediate digital reforms and investments with added value for the consumer, the market and the national economy. Always with an eye on the evolution of the shopping experience and the next day of retail. The combination of physical and online store operations has been an important tool over the last two years and will remain a strong operating model for all FOURLIS Group brands.

Finally, this project follows and strengthens at the same time the cooperation with Lamda Development for the development of the Retail Park within Elliniko.


About the new IKEA store at The Mall Athens

TThe IKEA The Mall Athens store employs 69 employees, has a Design Centre that enables the design of the wardrobe and the kitchen and theo Swedish Deli which includes the Restaurant together with the Swedish IKEA Food Store. The Swedish Deli gives IKEA customers the opportunity to relax and unwind while enjoying a meal or picking up a snack to continue their walk. It occupies 268 sqm internally & 500 sqm outside with the capacity to accommodate for this period 128 people and 160 people in a normal operating period. To restaurant will serve IKEA’s favourite flavours in take away environmentally friendly packaging. The store has self-check out counters to facilitate shopping. Today, a total of 10 IKEA stores are operating, 6 of them in Greece, 1 in Cyprus and 3 in Bulgaria. There are also 9 IKEA pick-up-points in Rhodes, Patras, Chania, Chania, Heraklion, Komotini and Kalamata, two in Bulgaria (Burgas and Plovdiv) and one in Cyprus. The IKEA e-shop and the IKEA App also operate, all of which provide a uniform and consistent user experience for IKEA customers.