The Regional Governors talk about hospitable Greece

Stavros Arnaoutakis
regional governor of Crete
Issue, Autumn 2019

“Every corner of Crete, every village, every town, from Zakros to Elafonissi and from Gramvousa to Ierapetra, is a unique experience for the visitor. It is these images that for centuries now, make up a unique setting. A multidimensional mosaic that is complemented with the elements of our culture, our Christian tradition, our customs, our gastronomy, our natural landscape. Particularly during the autumn months, the good climatic conditions, the high level of services, the level of prices, combined with the traditions and customs of Crete during this period and the Cretan hospitality, make up the setting of a tourist destination that perfectly satisfies the needs of the Greek who wants to travel to our island.”

Fanis Spanos,
regional governor of Central Greece
Issue, Autumn 2019

“Central Greece is for all tastes, it has everything. It is a miniature of the country, as it brings together features from all over the country. It is also located in the centre of Greece, making it easily accessible for all domestic visitors and those coming to Greece from Athens International Airport. I will, however, try to entice our readers and potential visitors even more by saying that in our Region, one can visit world-class historical and cultural landmarks, taste authentic flavors, enjoy the thermal baths, hike the marked trails, swim in the deep blue waters. And many more experiences! Sterea is hospitable from end to end!”

Alexandros Kachrimanis,
regional governor of Epirus,
Issue, Autumn 2019

“…Epirus can cater for almost every interest that may exist from swimming on its crystal clear beaches – especially in September and October – to mountain climbing.
There are sports/racing events, extreme sports, tours to museums and religious monuments, hunting, fishing, gastronomy and when the first snows fall, skiing in the ski resorts. But what attracts and impresses the visitors of Autumn in Epirus are the impressive colours of nature. It is no coincidence that the most fanatical friends of our region are those who visit it in autumn, something we highly recommend. ”

Nektarios Farmakis,
regional governor of Western Greece
Issue Winter 2019

“We invite them to visit Ancient Olympia and the Epicurean Apollo to see the place that has kept the torch of rivalry and brotherhood lit for thousands of years. And then, to reach Diakopto and with the cog to “climb” to Kalavryta to meet the banner of the revolution of ’21 and the place of martyrdom on the hill of Kapi, while at the same time they will spend unique moments of relaxation and joy at the ski resort. Then, they can descend towards Patras and after experiencing the atmosphere of a cosmopolitan region, but also worship at the tomb and the cross of St. Andrew, they can cross to the opposite bank to find themselves in the picturesque port of Nafpaktos and the Garden of Heroes in Messolonghi, where the traces of love for freedom and the homeland are still alive. And to complete their tour, arriving in Agrinio, a modern and lively city, but also its “jewel”, the Trichonida, climbing up to Thermo and the birthplace of Patrokosmas or the mountainous Nafpaktia of the most pristine and dreamy nature they have ever seen. In short, you don’t need many reasons to be near us. It is enough to want to live the experience in the “land of flame”!”